Please make me an offer! 
Local pick up preferred; buyer pays shipping.

Photobooth Walls - $300-500

Photo by Michelle Laliberte, Nystedt Photography
FOR SALE: $300 for each half or both for $500
For more information E-mail me:

Dimensions: Each wall is 7' tall, 4' wide and about 2-1/2 to 3' deep at the bottom where the brace/brackets stick out.

The 2 walls latch together with 2 locks/keys to keep them from separating.  When connected the full wall is 8' across.

The walls are very sturdy, yet relatively lightweight.  We built them to withstand guests leaning on/against them.  Because of their size, they are a little awkward to move with one person, but it can be done.  They are light enough that I can pick up each one separately by myself.  We moved them using a truck with the rear seats folded down.

We also have some fabric you can use to cover them to keep them from getting dusty before the big day.

I can give you clear instructions on how to remove the frames & redo the fabric/change the photos if you need help.  You just need a screwdriver (or better yet, power screwdriver!) to remove the large frames or the "wall" part from the white frame.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  If you are interested, but don't want to store them, we can negotiate a rental.


Photo by Michelle Laliberte, Nystedt Photography

Flip-flops - $5

6 pairs of flip-flops in assorted colors in white bags with size tags.  Bought from Michael's.  All size small (4-5). 
The white bags they are in are also from Michael's.  

I will also include: extra size tags I already made, the paper I used to make the tags (if you need to make more), the template I used to make the size tags, and can give you exact directions, and information on what I purchased from where for how much if you need more! 

If you just want the flip-flops or just want the "extras," make me an offer--totally willing to split them up if preferred.

Bowl for Fans - $2

We used this bowl to put the fans in.  I added a little sign that said, "to keep you cool," but that can be removed.  We had 54 fans in the bowl and there was room for more.

44 Silver Bells - $5

We had our guests ring these tiny silver bells as we exited the church.  It sounded beautiful!  I got these at Joann's.  I cut off the tag that came on them and replaced it with a 6" length of 1/4" grosgrain ribbon (bought at Joann's for $1/spool) in orange, teal, lime green & hot pink.  Obviously the ribbon could be replaced with another color very easily.


Wooden Guestbook Boxes -$5

We used a vintage typewriter for our guestbook.  We used these boxes for the blank & completed pages.  They are wooden, painted black, with wooden letters painted teal glued on the front to spell "BLANK" and "GUESTBOOK."  Each box is perfectly sized for 8-1/2x11" typing paper.

Rectangular Teal Woven Basket - $5

We used this to hold custom handkerchiefs we made for our guests.  I added a little sign that says "to dry your eyes" and we had them on a table at the ceremony.  The sign is just attachedwith a grosgrain ribbon, so it can be easily removed without damaging the basket.

4 Mini Tin Buckets - $5

These mini tin buckets were filled with flowers and hung by ribbon off the pew ends in the chapel.  I also have the pre-cut grosgrain ribbon available if interested.  It is cranberry colored.

The mini buckets are 3.75" in diameter, and 3.5" tall.  They are galvantized tin with gold colored handles & a gold colored band around the bottom of each one.

you can see the flowers in the buckets hanging from the chairs before the ceremony

13 Moroccan Lanterns w/LED votives - $65

We used these Moroccan lanterns as centerpieces and to decorate around the restaurant.  They each have a LED votive inside with plenty of life left in them. 

There are a couple larger ones with multicolored glass, while the smaller ones have a single color (amber, blue, etc).  The picture just shows 2 styles, but there are actually 3-4 variations. 

I will include a 14th lantern with 2 broken panes of glass, incase you need to replace any of the other panes, as well as any extra LED votives I purchased.


Photo by Dan Nystedt, Nystedt Photography
Lantern by our guestbook at the reception.

Frame/Sign Holder - $5

This holder is for a larger (8x10" or 11x14") frame or sign.  Black wrought-iron style.

This picture is 11x15'

Extra Large Green Glass Vase - $5

This tall, green vase was used for a beautiful bouquet of tropical flowers and placed at the bar at the restaurant during our reception.  I'll have to measure, but I think it's about 18" tall, and maybe about 6" in diameter. 

Photo below of how it looked at our reception.

Photo by Dan Nystedt, Nystedt Phtography



Glass Trifle Bowl - $5

Glass trifle bowl used to hold the wishbones.

Glass Vase - $2

Basic clear glass vase.

10 Boston Themed Out of Town Bags + extras - $50

We put together a bunch of OOT bags, and then ended up forgetting to hand out a bunch of them.  I have at least 10 complete bags, plus some extra items we got but didn't use.  The bags we used are Legal Sea Foods Take out Bags (with handles).  The OOT bags don't all have the exact same stuff in each one, but contents may include:
2 bottles of Poland Springs Water
1 package of NECCO wafers
1 red or blue folder with map of Boston in the pocket (we used the folders to include guidebooks we created for our guests--I can send you our guidebook template if you want in Word format)
2 mini boxes of Boston Baked Beans candy
1 Red Sox PEZ dispenser or ballpoint pen
2 mini bags of Cape Cod Potato Chips
1 box of New England themed tea bags
1 mini package of Kleenex tissue
1 package of 4 lobster bibs
Charlie Card

I *am* willing to split up the contents of the bags & sell them individually, but I'd prefer to just sell someone everything I have (and I can let you know where I got everything if you need extras), so I probably won't start splitting up the lot unless no one is interested.

33 Legal Sea Food take-out bags $4
23 Poland Springs water  bottles $3
SOLD! 16 Necco wafers $4
12 mini pkg of Kleenex tissues $2
3 Red Sox pens $2
SOLD! 22 mini boxes of Boston Baked Beans candy $2
11 pkg of 4 lobster bibs $5
SOLD! 5 boxes of New England themed tea bags $3
4 Charlie Card free
16 walking map of Boston $4
10 Red Sox cookies $5
6 mini Red Sox helmets $3
16 red, blue, or navy pocket folder for guidebook, maps, etc. $1
14 Red Sox PEZ Dispensers $9
SOLD! 24 mini bags of Cape Cod Potato Chips $3